FAA Guidelines

The term drone in the media tends to give people a certain image or idea of what a drone is. Actually drones come in many forms and serve many purposes most of them friendly. The “drones” we operate are friendly drones. Our drones are short range with about 5-10 min flight time. The only act besides flying they are capable of is professional aerial photography and video as a hobby. They do not drop anything. Their usage is strictly used in a manner productive to respecting the privacy and rights of others. Similar to what manned aircraft perform when taking photos or videos we see on TV frequently. We do not photograph any persons property or person in a selective way with out authorization of the client. We are taking broad aerial photos of city skylines sometimes to show spectacular unique views. Our aerial vehicles are used for good and evolutionary purposes only and in places that are safe. Safety is the single most important aspect of every flight with conduct as is in the respect for others. We hope you will enjoy our vision of micro flight by viewing the videos in our gallery. Our drones operate below 400 feet, below manned navigable airspace and always within unaided visual line of sight. We do not use any digital vision goggles. . Our drones never fly near any airport or full sized aircraft.

Additional Information
The remote controlled aircraft that we use sometimes referred to as a drone is a low altitude, close range, open space hobby flyer and flown only in an safe area and does not operate near any airports, aircraft or violate any FAA regulations.